Dear participants of the seminar group "Rit och Liturgi".

I look very much forward to see you all.

This message is written in English as I am not sure if everyone in the group are familiar with Danish.

When we meet in Skálhult, we will in the group decide, if it is possible to talk in our own languages, or if we have to be an English-speaking group. It has varied during the recent years.

I will send this message to the persons who have signed up for our group by email too. I anyone else wants to join this group, I will be thankful to receive their email. In this way we can communicate with the whole group, if not everyone is on facebook.

At the conference in Skálholt we will meet in our seminar group three times

Tuesday 2.11., 11.00–13.00.

Wednesday 3.11., 10.30–12.00,

Thursday 4.11., 11.00–13.00.

The corona-crisis has challenged our liturgical life and at the same time it has somehow been a wake-up-call in different ways. I suggest that we talk about the experiences from this difficult time in the way that we bring with us an experience, that was at first a "stumble stone" - but also turned out to be a "stepping stone" into new liturgies and insights, which we might not else have found.

Other subjects which we might discuss could be:

- The question of authorization - how much of our liturgy should be authorized and how much - and what - should be left to the local communities to decide

- Our baptismal liturgy and theology. Especially the question of original sin and baptism. And our baptismal practices.

The about mentioned subjects are only suggestions. I hope that the members of the group during the next ten days will send other subjects, which may be of more interest to more people, to me on my email: ti@km.dk. Then I will try to put together a more detailed programme for our group - still leaving time for us to go astray and talk about other subjects.

If you have some short papers, also please send them to me, and I will send them to the whole group before the end of next week.

My email is ti@km.dk, Tine Illum