Nordisk liturgisk netværk


Conference theme

Might liturgy be a resource in the formation and self-awareness of society?

The 500th anniversary of the reformation is being celebrated in 2017. As part of that celebration, the impact of the reforming thoughts of Martin Luther have been widely promoted, not just in relation to theology and church, but also in a wider sense within societal issues and the very formation of society. At the time of the reformation there was a far closer connection between church and society than there is today. Such a connection may no longer to be taken for granted. During this year it is therefore most appropriate to highlight and investigate the relation between church and society. The annual conference of Leitourgia will focus on whether, and if so, how the liturgy of the church might influence society. Can liturgy shape and challenge identity in contemporary society? Can liturgy provide resources on how to be human in a time of instability? And furthermore, what are the challenges to contemporary liturgy that acceleration poses in societal developments?