Profetisk liturgi

This presentation is written in English, as I am not sure if everyone in the group is familiar with Danish.
This year’s focus: What happens when times of war in Europe and times of crisis in other ways meet our liturgical life in practice? What do we do, what do we say, how do we pray? And as singing is our special focus this year, we will also in this group deal with what we choose to sing and why.

 In the Bible, the Book of Psalms is a rich source for both our praise and lamentation. How do we drink of that well to enrichen our liturgies? Do we dare to use the strong metaphors presented, and what do we do with our bodies and our things in our liturgical life to dig deep enough? As John Bell is with us this year, a bit from his book “Living with the Psalms” could be interesting.

 The mentioned subjects are only suggestions. I hope that the members of the group will point to other subjects, which may be of interest to more people, and mail me Then I will try to put together a more detailed program for our group. If you have some short papers, also please send them to me, and I will send them to the whole group.

Leader:  Pastor Birgitte Refshauge Kjær, Danmark. Mail: