Call for papers – Seminar group: Liturgical Theology 
“Liturgical theology is the elucidation of the meaning of worship.” Schmemann (2003, 16.)


Dear participants of the seminar group Liturgical Theology. At the conference in Skálholt we will meet as LT-seminar group altogether for three times: Tuesday 2.11., 11.00–13.00 hours, Wednesday 3.11., 10.30–12.00, and Thursday 4.11., 11.00–13.00.

There are only a couple of weeks to prepare before we meet, but this a light-version of call for papers, a call for maximum 10 short presentations to the sessions of this seminar group. These presentations can be papers, descriptions or plans for intended research projects, observations of liturgical-theological phenomena, or comments and reflection of books you have found significant. Each presentation can be 15-20 minutes in maximum, and then we will have 10 to 15 minutes for discussion.

These presentations may be differently (more closely or distantly) related to the conference theme “Artic Liturgy – Today and tomorrow”. As before, we can present in different Nordic languages and discuss flexibly using them and English.

Please send your proposals to Johan Bastubacka (johan.bastutubacka@helsinki.fi) with the title “proposal for a paper to seminar group LT” latest on Sunday October 24th.

Looking forward to meeting you in Skálholt,

Johan B.