Nordisk liturgisk netværk


Invitation to Leitourgias 11th meeting in Reykjavík Iceland, November 10-13 2015

Dear friends.

We have the great pleasure to invite you to a rich and happy meeting on the Saga Island of ice and fire, as we gather to explore liturgy and worship within the Leitourgia network for the eleventh time.

The theme of the conference is Living Word - Living Tradition? Our main speakers are Gail Ramshaw and Gordon Lathrop, as well as esteemed represantatives from the different Nordic countries. We will also enjoy the Icelandic and the West-Nordic context and explore how our worship traditions are inspired and shaped by local traditions in different times.

We are happy to invite you to a dinner at the residence of the Bishop of Iceland, Agnes Sigurðardóttir, and also to take you to the great natural wonder of the Blue Lagoon, where we’ll have our festive dinner this year.

The program can be found here


Deadline for registration has now been reached. If you failed to register, please contact Kristin Thomasdottir

Travels and lodging

Please check out different possibilities to fly from different cities in Scandinavia to Keflavik Airport, ca 45 km from Reykjavík. From there you’ll find busses to take you down town Reykjavík, and to the 22 Hill Hotel (http://www.22hillhotel.is) and Örkin (http://www.hotelorkin.is), the hotels we have reserved for participants of Leitourgia.

22 Hill hotel and Hotel Örkin can be booked as part of the registration process. Please indicate which type of room you request and, if sharing, name of the person you share with.

Conference rates at 22 Hill Hotel are:

Single room 69 euro

Double room 86 euro

Triple room 109 euro

Conference rates at Hotel Örkin are:

Room for one person 10.000 ISK   

for two persons 12.000 ISK   

for three persons 14.000 ISK   

for four persons 15.000 ISK   

for five persons 17.000 ISK   

for six persons 18.000 ISK


The price of the conference is SEK 2100. Included are meals, conference costs plus trip and dinner at Blue Lagoon.


Traditionally the conference languages at Leitourgia have been Swedish, Norwegian and Danish. In addition to those, we will use English this time, in consideration to our main speakers.

Seminary groups

Please find information about seminary groups and those in charge of each group here.


If you have books, pamphlets, programs, posters etc. you want to present, there is a place for that in the program. You can contact the board of Leitourgia beforehand or just show up with your presentation.