Leitourgia 1.-4.11.2021, the seminar group Music and Theology.

Call for papers:

Dear colleagues, participants of the seminar group Music and Theology,

We shall meet in Skálholt already in a few weeks - looking so much forward to it! At the conference we shall meet as the Music and Theology seminar group for three times: Tuesday 2.11. at 11-13, Wednesday 3.11. at 10.30-12 and Thursday 4.11. at 11-13 o'clock.

I suggest that we would have different kinds of pre-planned 10-20 minute presentations, papers, lecture recitals, short speeches with or without musical output etc. It would be interesting to hear something about your practices, research, ideas (more or less formulated) or latest interests and some news from your own country / congregation. How could we approach the subject of this year’s conference, ”Arctic Liturgy - Today and tomorrow”, in our seminary group?

Please send me your proposals (what you would like to share with us) no later than Monday 25th October. It would be interesting to hear something from all of you, at least shortly. If you need an instrument for your presentation (piano or organ), please let me know that, too. The presentations can be held either in English, Swedish, Skandinaviska, Norwegian or Danish. We shall discuss mostly in English, but other languages can be used, too.

Hope to hear from you soon and see you in Iceland!

With my warmest greetings,

Sirkku Rintamäki, leader of the seminar group Music and Theology